Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 27, 2015 CHEAHA Teen Game Night

More info on Teen Night: (updated February 26, 2015)

Y'all please bear with me, as this is a learning process for me. I should've added more details to the previous emails. 

Teen Night is geared toward just hang-out time. We will provide a place for our teens to fellowship. This month CHEAHA is sponsoring food and drinks (yay!). In the future, each teen will be asked to bring money (usually $5 or less!) or food to contribute.  

This is a drop-off event. The main reason being, we don't want to burden our hosts. If we're not careful, the teens would be out numbered three to one, easily! Also, I'm sure the teens will enjoy time away from little brother/sister. 

You must be 13 to attend. However, if your child's birthday is within the month of the activity, they are welcome!

If you are interested in being a  chaperone, please email me. We have plenty for this event, but I will put you on the list for the future. Please note: If you have younger children and are scheduled to chaperone, you can't bring them.  I'm sorry, but this is strictly for our teens! We want to make this work, so we have to have a few guidelines! 

Chaseity Auvil, Dawn Fetner,  OR myself will be at each event. If you haven't gotten to know us and are uncertain about dropping your child off, please email me. Maybe you can be a chaperone and get to know us better!

If your teen is planning on coming and you haven't emailed me, please do so now. So far, we have 23!! Whoohooo!


Melody :D

March 20 - Les Miserables (Deadline March 4)

February 27 (Friday) CHEAHA Homeschool Swim Day

Thursday, January 29, 2015

March 11, 12 - 8th Grade Career Expo (Deadline to register is February 6)

8th Grade Career Expo
March 11 or 12, 2015
Deadline to register - February 6!!

I am very excited to share with you an opportunity that we have been invited to participate in here in our community.
The Calhoun County Extension office has invited the 8th graders (13-14 year olds)  of our Homeschool community to attend a Career Expo.
The info is below. The date will be either the 11 or the 12 of March.
We will have either a morning session and lunch or lunch and an afternoon session. According to how many we have sign up will determine if we will be morning or afternoon and the date.
 If you have a child in this age bracket and would like to participate, please email me at 
When I receive our numbers I will turn them in and they will let us know more details on date and time.
This is a great opportunity to get out in our community. 
And it excites me that they have invited us to attend.

Deadline February 6 !!!!

8th Grade Career Expo
March 11 or 12
Oxford Civic Center

Expo Sessions
Session 1:  8:00 – 10:30
Session 2:  11:30 – 2:00
Joint Lunch and Speaker 10:30 – 11:30

Career Focus Areas
Education and Arts
Technology and Innovation
Public Service / Civic / Government



March 5, 2015 State Capitol Tour (Deadline to register February 11)

State Capitol Tour, Montgomery 

March 5, 2015 - 10:00 a.m.
Deadline to Register is February 11!

(must arrive at least 1/2 hour early - more instructions will be posted closer to date regarding parking & meeting sites. Also instructions will be posted regarding lunch & schedules) 

(max cap. 50 people) 

Tour includes:  Alabama Judicial Building
                        Alabama Archives
                        Capitol Building State Building                
                        Possibly the Governor's Mansion 

To register, contact Dawn at