Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yearbook Photos Needed

The CHEAHA yearbook staff is working hard to bring you a great yearbook for this school year.  We need your help to make it as excellent as possible.
The students are selling advertisement space in the yearbook.  These ads make it possible for us to sell the yearbook at a very reduced price. Each yearbook costs over $40. Last year ad sales enabled us to sell the books for $15.  Our students need help selling ads. If you own a business or anything else you wish to advertise, please consider purchasing an ad. If you know someone that might be interested in purchasing an ad, please ask them and have them contact me. For info on purchasing an ad email Jennifer at

We need field trip and activity photos.  We especially need photos from the following: Disney on Ice, Ice Skating, Madrigal Dinner (I know there may not be any), Nature Swap from fall, Oxford Fire Dept, Roller Skating, Swimming, Elementary Valentine Party, and Tim Hawkins.

We need photos and info for non Cheaha sports, music, activities, drama, groups, clubs, etc. (Some examples are 4H, Archery, Shooting sports, karate, soccer, baseball, instruments, choirs, drama club/plays, etc) Any activity that your child is involved in outside of CHEAHA is most likely acceptable to be included in this category.

We need photos and info for students that have received any kind of award, honor, scholarship, special recognition, etc. We want to honor and recognize each one for his or her achievement.

Seniors -- we need to know who you are. We like to recognize seniors in a special way in the yearbook. If you have a senior please email me with their name and your contact info at

Here are instructions for submitting photos---

2. Click on "Create An Account" at the top of the page
3. Enter school ID 42568
4. It will say CHEAHA (says in CA for some reason, but it is correct school), click YES
5. Fill out rest of form
6. Once you are logged in, upload photos.
7. VERY IMPORTANT -- Choose the correct category and put the names of the students in the photo in the "Who's in this photo?" space.  We will have captions in the yearbook and this info is crucial.  
**if you had an account last year, you should be able to use the same log in info and not have to create another account

Calling all Seniors!!

Hey Moms..... We would love to celebrate your SENIORs graduation!!! Please email me a bio and picture of your senior.... email @

Please send them by May 1...... I want to issue the newsletter before Graduation!!!!

Thanks, Paula
CHEAHA Newsletter April 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF) of Alabama

This convention is offering FREE admission to families with children 4 years and younger..... if you know someone exploring idea of home education... please share this info with them.

Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF) of Alabama
June 19-20, 2014
Attention Parents of Preschoolers!
Are all of your children 4 years old and younger?
Have you never attended a CHEF Convention?
If you answered yes, then keep reading!
For a third year, CHEF of Alabama is pleased to offer free admission to parents of preschoolers investigating homeschooling, who have never attended the CHEF Convention, and whose children are all 4 years old and under. All children in the family must be 4 years old and younger at the time of the Convention on June 19, 2014.
Just download and print the registration form, send it to CHEF, P.O. Box 20208, Montgomery, AL 36120 and be our guest as you investigate the vendors and the workshops especially for parents of preschoolers.
Once at the convention, if you have questions or just want to talk to someone about beginning the homeschool journey, just stop one of the CHEF board members. We will be glad to talk with you.



SOUTHEAST (Greenville, SC) March 20-22, 2014

With 100’s of information-packed workshops that are presented by a truly unparalleled group of Featured Speakers, attendees are able to choose sessions that are most applicable to their own homeschooling efforts.
These sessions will include topics such as Math, Reading, Science, Spelling, Writing, Classical Home Education, Charlotte Mason Methods, Unit Studies, Beginning Homeschooling, Homeschooling through High School, Special Needs, Homeschool Transcripts, Homeschool Legal Questions, Gifted Homeschooling, Successful Parenting, Christian Worldview, Creation Apologetics and much more!


TEACH THEM DILIGENTLY Convention - Nashville
For the second year in a row, we are returning to the Opryland hotel in Nashville with our Homeschool Convention. One of our favorite comments about our event last year was that it was "thick with the Gospel." If you have never been to one of a Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention, you must. There is nothing quite like a Teach Them Diligently Convention. Few events match the camaraderie, energy, and encouragement of this Homeschool event. The Gaylord Opryland is majestic and large. It is the most beautiful facility of any of our sites, and last year, our Nashville Homeschool Convention was the largest we organized.
Very little has changed from last year. You can still expect the same waterfall of encouragement and the Gospel present in everything. You will also receive the practical and helpful instruction for home education. However, this year we have made a few changes. First, there is more time between sessions to allow for more shopping or fellowship. Second, we have added an orientation for new homeschool families on Thursday to quickly acclimate them to the event. Additionally we have refreshed the children and teen programs, and added even more curriculum publishers in the exhibit hall. Lastly, if you have not noticed, the event is in March this year.
If you are a Christian Homeschool Family, this is the homeschool convention you want to attend. The Nashville Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention is an experience that you do not want to miss, and it is built for the entire family!

Saturday, February 15, 2014



1. The 2014 homeschool prom will be March 14, from 7:30 p.m. until 10:30 p.m., at the Saks Community Center, located at 20 Hess Drive, Anniston, Alabama.  Our theme will be Hollywood (classic, not modern).
2. The prom is for home schooled students who are at least 15 years of age. Home schooled students may bring a date who is not homeschooled. It is not necessary that you have a date. Tickets will be $15.00 each, and may be purchased from any member of the prom committee or from Denise Argo ( or Wendy Lowe (
3. CHEAHA membership is required to purchase prom tickets. Membership fee is $20 and can be obtained at the time tickets are purchased. Membership form is available for download at
4 The name and age of each student and the name and age of their date must be provided prior to prom night, along with a contact number. (You may provide your own cell number, but if you do, you should also provide an emergency contact number, e.g., a parent.) You do not have to have a printed ticket on prom night, but if your name and that of your date is not on the list, you will not be admitted.
5. Each person who attends the prom must be dressed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the dress code.
6. No outside food or drink will be allowed. Refreshments will be served. If there are allergies or other circumstances that require exceptions, please contact Denise Argo or Wendy Lowe prior to prom night.
7. Once you arrive at the prom, you must stay there until you leave. For safety reasons, you may not come and go throughout the night.
8. Each person who attends the prom must behave appropriately, i.e., in a manner that brings honor to himself or herself and to the homeschool community.
9. Parents are welcome to come to the prom long enough to take pictures and see the decorations. Due to limited space, and in fairness to all parents, we ask that parents not remain at the prom the entire time. There will be chaperones at the prom.
10. For questions, call Denise Argo at
256-452-1344 or Wendy Lowe at 256-239-9089.

Home School Prom Dress Code

Tuxedos are not required for the gentlemen; if you wish to wear one that is fine, just know that it is optional. If you gentlemen do not wear a tux, you should wear a suit (or sports coat with dress pants) with a collared shirt and a tie.
Ladies are to wear long or short dresses. These can range from dressy Sunday dresses to fancy prom dresses. Please use the following guidelines in order to assure that you are dressed modestly:
1. If the dress is short, its length must be no shorter than 3 inches above than the top of the knee.
2. If the dress has a slit, it must be no higher than the top of the knee.
3. Strapless dresses and dresses with spaghetti straps will be allowed, but they must be modest. No cleavage should show.
4. The back of the dress should be no lower than the middle of back.
The key to this dress code is to dress modestly for a formal evening. If you adhere to the guidelines, you will be dressed suitably for the prom.